Pamela Byrd | I had a Twin

Pamela Byrd is a Boundaries Coach, Journaling Practitioner, and recently published
author of “I had a Twin, Disrupting the Cycle of Childhood Trauma” where she addresses her
twin sister’s suicide last year and why she and her fraternal twin sister chose two different
paths in response to their identical childhood experiences. By sharing her experiences and the
battles she overcame growing up in the same highly dysfunctional environment, she is
committed to helping others who are dealing with the residual effects of childhood trauma.
Over the past 18 years, she has helped women to understand their past experiences and how
these experiences have influenced their current reality. As a result, hundreds of women have
gained victory over their past experiences and are now living life on their terms.
As a Boundaries Coach, Pamela focuses on helping women to set healthy boundaries in all areas
of their lives. Along with conducting group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching, she
facilitates a private Facebook group, Let’s Talk Boundaries, where she allows group members
to share their boundary questions and gain insights from other members within the community
into how to gain success in handling each situation.
Pamela’s experience with journaling since the age of eleven has also positioned her as a
journaling expert, helping others to realize the value of journaling as a stimulus for personal

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