Why Should You Attend This Summit?

            If you've ever wondered:

Why some people are so good at setting the right boundaries, but you can't get people to honor yours What the difference is between people pleasing and being a "people pleaser" Why you feel compelled to say Yes when you really want to say No

Why patterns of behaviors keep surfacing for you, and you have no idea why

Why certain situations cause you to react in a way that takes you down an unexpected path

Well, Wonder NO MORE! 

You now have your reason for joining us for this Boundaries Summit!

The speakers in this Summit will help you to gain clarity in each
of the

areas above
and so much more!! 

Each speaker has been selected to provide the thought process needed to begin living

that peaceful life.

They have experienced life without the right boundaries and have come out on the other side

and ready to share their experiences and lessons learned. 

13 Modules

DAY 1 - Pam & Jen Kickoff

DAY 1 - Kenya Johnson - Boundary Steps To Personal Freedom

DAY 2 - Pamela Byrd - The Beauty in "NO-ING" Thyself

DAY 2 - Jennifer Marco - Breakthrough By Using Your Voice Powerfully

DAY 3 - Claudette Hutchinson - Embracing The Unknown After Divorce

DAY 3 - Dawn Churchill - Finding Sanctuary In The Eye of The Storm

DAY 4 - Traci Morgan - Workplace Wisdom and Boundaries

DAY 4 - Elam B. King - Purpose and Dating with Intention

DAY 5 - Joi Stokes - The Path To Success Without Limits

DAY 5 - C. Renee McLain - Allowing for Time to Organize Your Mind

DAY 6 - Alice-Marie Cambridge - Establishing Healthy Boundaries in Marraige

Day 6 - Jennifer Lamkins - Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power

DAY 6 - Pam & Jen's Q&A Finale

Modules for this product 13
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